Great American Classics Great C.D. featuring classic songs by an artist who knows how they should be presented.Elaine Small has arranged these classic songs so that you not only enjoy her talented vocals, but also great sounds from the musicians. This is a C.D. you can enjoy often. Great job! ” - David Doyle, Florida

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    Great C.D. I have been listening to these songs all my life, great classics excellently done. The vocals and band are fantastic, this is an outstanding addition to anyone's collection! ” - Joanne Muir - Ontario

— CD baby

FANTASTIC You are an inspiration to anyone to follow their dreams! ” - Jill Holmes - Ontario

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“… The album was recorded at Pinnacle Studios by Ken Harnden and sounds crisp and clean with a warmth to the sound. Repertoire is drawn from the classic songbooks of the time, including well known songs like ‘Embraceable You’, ‘It Had To Be You’, ‘How Deep is the Ocean’ and the stirring title track. A medley of three songs is propelled by Scott Alexander’s basslines, while Eisenman shimmers throughout. Basso is featured on ‘Bésame Mucho’, and a growling rendition of ‘Come Rain or Come Shine’. Barlow is the quintessential drummer of his time, perfectly punctuating the musical lines and tastefully playing exactly what is needed to highlight the song. Elaine Small’s voice sounds warm and genuine, with hints of Ella Fitzgerald in her lower range. That is a compliment I do not throw around casually, because in my mind, Ella was the ultimate vocalist. Perhaps the accumulated wisdom and experience of her years make her performances more grounded. There is a delightful poignancy to hearing her sing ‘You Make Me Feel So Young’. What strikes me is how the communication of text is so natural in Elaine’s singing. I believe that she feels what she is singing. It’s just too bad she waited so long to get around to it. My record collection could easily have included dozens of her albums, had she chosen to make them over the years….”” - David Reed - CD Junkie, Music Critic

— The Belleville Intelligencer