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Priests in the Attic, cast in Toronto during the tumultuous '60s through the late '70s is a confessional story of lost faith, redemption and hope. This memoir is written through the power of reverie, a unique concept of the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard. In the Poetics of Reverie, Bachelard explains his use of reverie to unearth emotional truth--the driving force behind this work.

All of us possess our own emotional truth and thus, each of us has a unique story to tell--but who am I, that anyone should be interested in my story? Let my book tell you:

"I'm everyone who has ever taken a breath and marvelled at the wonder and miracle of life. I'm everyone who has discovered their own finitude and shuddered at the concept of one day, being no more. I'm everyone who has suffered the pain of loss, the torment of regret, the desolation of loneliness, misgivings of the past and a fear of the future. I'm everyone who, through an anguished cry for help, receives the possibility of a new beginning and a miracle of new life through God's immeasurable grace.... Who am I? I am one with you--and all of us have a story to tell. This is mine."

"In every life there are stories asking to be relived, yearning to be reborn in order to expose their emotional truth in the light of past circumstances." -- E. Small

"Childhood remains within us as a principle of deep life, of life always in harmony with the possibilities of new beginnings..." -- Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Reverie.

After leaving showbiz in the late 1960's to care for her young son, Craig, Elaine's career takes on new and unexpected turns. Many "new beginnings" await Elaine after she receives a profound spiritual awakening.



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