Elaine A. Small - Author/Singer


Elaine A. Small, singing under the name of Elaine Steele, fashioned a successful career as a chanteuse in the mid - 1960s. To quote the Toronto Star, Elaine gained recognition as “...one of the best supper club singers in Canada...”

After a lengthy suspension of her singing career, we are excited to have Elaine performing again--this time with some of Canada's finest Jazz musicians.

The songs selected commemorate the resilient sounds and lyrics from the Great American Songbook which make up Elaine's verdant musical memories. These songs are the driving force of her recent award wining book, Priests in the Attic, a candid memoir centered in Toronto during the '60s and '70s--a tale of high profile careers and the influence of songs first heard in the crib, so emotionally moving, they refuse to die.